Our mode of operating

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Investment Approach

We engage in companies where we may contribute with commercialization- and operational skill sets, paired with our international network for global expansion. We look for scalable business models, a strong desire for growth paired with the ability to manage people and processes. We always look for synergies with other companies within our portfolio, and we favor value enhancement beyond monetary terms where businesses contribute to sustainable development. We reinvest profits, and hold investments long-term.


Investment Process

We look beyond the numbers, and combine facts about people and markets to understand, analyze and improve the viability in an investment. We ensure that we identify the gaps between what people need and what is offered, and use these insights to analyze and refine ideas, business models and existing modes of operating. Among our contributions – alongside capital – are more targeted value propositions, sharper customer segmentations, efficiency enhancing platforms and blueprints for operational management, and advise on governance structures and executive leadership support.


Investment Size

Our typical initial investment size is €0.5 to €2 million. No matter the size of the investment, our´s is always tied to an engaged ownership where we actively contribute to enhance value creation.


FiveFuture is a company within the Scandector Group. It was founded by a team of people with extensive international business experience, now leveraging their knowledge to develop equity together with others.

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